Eighteen, pregnant and financially unstable… …but me and my husband are still good

Instagram; jessica_sierpowska


Marco Maciel – aka ‘mel’

Just to be clear, he’s not really my husband and, due to the expense of gorgeous weddings these days, he’s not likely to be any time soon.

Marco is my fiancé and I am privileged to have a rock to prove it. Some say, ‘love isn’t money’ but it is a little bit. Introducing him to others such as yourself I use ‘partner’ or ‘other half’ because in truth I hate the sound of high sophistication which ‘Fiancé’ always possesses when spoken aloud. Being another cliched partnership does entail having cute or funny nicknames for each other when in our own private company, therefore I call Marco ‘husband’ or ‘hubby’, but my favourite is always ‘mel’, hence the header. ‘Mel’ meaning ‘honey’ in Portuguese.

Thank you if you have managed to read this far, Marco usually shuts off in the middle of all my sentences.

So, this spark of creativity, which I hope you enjoy, all started by another Portuguese man with the name of ‘Sousa’ who happened to fall in love with a lady resulting in falling into huge responsibilities. Now that lady is bored, fat and staring at a ‘SUDOKU TOUGHIE’, concocting a book in hope to maintain some sort of sanity whilst being kicked inside out.

This book is based on real life day-to-day conversations between myself and the person I love at this time; Marco Sousa. Understandably you will be reading something that is basically part youtube vlog, part biography and part Kardashian televised show (I had no clue who the Kardashians were till I did a 5-minute research for this book).

Enjoy, wish me luck, let’s hope there is an ending to this pile of papers instead of abandonment by writers block.

7 thoughts on “Eighteen, pregnant and financially unstable… …but me and my husband are still good

  1. singlegirlsquest4mommyhood says:

    Fyi, You can find a beautiful wedding gown online pretty cheap. Weddings do not have to cost a mint. Depending on where you live, some Justice’s offices are stunning. Marry there and have friends take pictures. Get ideas for poses from Pintrest and have a cake and punch reception. Destination weddings are cheap options as well.

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  2. Kathy Brokos says:

    Jessica, I love hearing about real life stories told with heartfelt words. It moves my soul to read about real people and the real feelings they have and how it affects their life and how they grow from it, or repeat the same lessons until it sticks. Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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