Players Number 2 & 3

If you’re in love with a gamer, the most heart-breaking words you could possibly say to them would be : ‘I hope you lose’

Marco Maciel: ‘It is literally as though I’m being betrayed’

At this stage in both relationships I find myself giving as much attention as I am gaining. Marco and I tend to spend more time relaxing in bed than we are supposed to, but isn’t that one of the perks of carrying a baby?

I am not talking about labido. The relationship I have with Marco is far beyond just ‘sex appeal’. One of the many things I love to do is listen to him, to take in his wisdom. To take in his humour, his charm, anything that makes me fall in love with him all over again…

…until that train of thought is broken by the ball of fire in my uterus.

Arwen is due the 4th of September and she is an active little creature. Her movements down below are obvious signs of her mothers talents of dancing and her fathers talents of martial arts. How can I be in love with a person I haven’t even met yet? The relationship I have with my daughter is strangely strong at this point in my pregnancy and that gives me the confidence a first-time-mother needs to welcome a huge responsibility into her life.

Yes, you guessed it. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan you will understand where I aquired the name ‘Arwen’ from.

Almost 34 weeks and time seems to keep slowing down, please just let me hold my offspring!

Marco is eager for me to watch his ongoing gameplay of Outlast 2 which we are both enjoying the graphics of. Like an attentive child he repeats ‘watch this, are you watching?’, So I must finishing trying before his patience runs thin. Goes to show men who are thirty still have those childlike obsessions.

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