Pay me? Please?

Like this post if you have no idea how to get a paid blogging job!
What is the secret to being paid to ‘sit on your ass’? Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or even this current domain, it seems impossible to be noticed by anyone let alone the big bosses with the huge money bags.

Even just continuing writing this post is making me feel complete shite about my writing and my attitude for blogging is slowly declining. 

What is the secret? Why do I feel Im being picked last for a gym team? Why do I feel my talents can’t be noticed unless I use a shocking and disturbing publicity stunt?

I need answers.

It’s all about talent’ – What a load of bullshit considering every which way you look it’s always the ‘hot’ and ‘extremely attractive’ people who are famous or well-off. No matter how shit their music is, their acting is, their attitudes are, they are still taking in all the money.

This is not a hate post. I believe there are people out there who have faught incredibly hard for the privileges that they hold today. I admire how much effort many put in to achieving what they want. And I agree that not all of us want to end up in a superstore for the rest of our lives or ending life due to the impossibility of fun and happiness.

Being still young myself I can still try to achieve financial stability, but I fear it will be with a dead-end job which I detest. I still have not been noticed with my performing arts talents even though I’ve been published in papers and starred in stage productions with numerous leading roles. I’ve shared blogs and YouTube videos of what I can do and posted things to Facebook.

Why do I cease to exist to people outside of my own family? As the days role into one I fear that my writing will be a dead-end too as nobody notices these endless scribbles. This is all I have left, my last opportunity to gain something from a hobby and a chore that I love doing.

I am soon to be welcoming my beautiful baby girl into this world, I fear her dreams and ambitions will go unnoticed as well as mine.

Answer me, somebody.

– Jessica Ruth Sierpowska

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14 thoughts on “Pay me? Please?

  1. shegivesnofox says:

    I had to laugh at this because I have been trying to figure this shit out for 4 years that’s I’ve been on and off again on a blog. I’ve done SOME research and I’m not satisfied. And I still don’t get it you know, the whole ‘get paid to blog’ ordeal. Because I’ve also felt the same about my writing- I’ve been inconsistent, and I’ve stopped and stared from scratch about 8 times in search of my “voice” because I felt like, well people really don’t fucking like me. And it’s because I’m not a “DIY” “tutorial” blogger and it’s because I don’t belong to any one “niche”.
    Then, to my surprise I started noticing people were reading. Thanks to Facebook comments or texts… but they aren’t commenting or liking. And THATS frustrating but we can’t demand that from people can we?! lol. So, I’m only 20 something followers deep (since I just started writing again a few weeks ago) and I’ve accepted that I am who I am and writing liberates ME and maybe, if I can STICK TO it, people will start to notice (that I’m absolutely insane) that I am passionate.
    Do the same. Don’t stop. Keep going. Keep it interesting. And fuck the rest!

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    • simplyjessicaruth says:

      Omg I’m the exact same! I’ve had so many previous blogs and accounts which I’ve deleted and restarted, it’s hard to keep the writing constant especially when you’re either stuck for ideas or just simply busy. So in the past I’ve forgotten about my voice. I’m trying so hard to keep this blog at the moment, you’re right we just need to stick to it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • shegivesnofox says:

        I am doing the exact SAME!!! I’m not stressing topic anymore!! I’m just being me and letting it all out and whatever happens, HAPPENS! Let’s do it together!!! I could use the motivation on here! Xo!!

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  2. briantechblog says:

    Well, actually those Youtubers do hard work! You need to know various skills like for example video editing and you need a schedule. Also you need a theme and you cannot just use music in your videos without a permit. So like everything else, it is indeed tricky. It is just about having the right attitude and confidence. So keep going cause I really like this blog, and congrats on your pregnancy 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ourlovefirst says:

    This is sooo real!!! I always wanted to blog but strayed away from it because I thought it was so hard then I see girls endorsing things on instagram and being paid and popular for taking pretty pictures.. when I’m over here just wanting to write. Hahah.

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