A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands

– Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands –


Sometimes we all need to turn to a bit of simple therapy, to cling on to some comfort, to do anything that makes us feel good. Whether it be shopping, blogging, or watching our favourite netflix series, each and every one of us has a way of keeping our hearts and heads in good spirits.

For some, there’s therapy. For me, its CHOCOLATE

Cocoa understands me, truly it does. There’s crunchy for anger, wispa for the tears, galaxy for happiness, snickers for confusion – The list is endless, I have a chocolate for every mood. Some people have a sweet tooth, sure, but I am pretty sure I have a chocolate tooth all on its own; and it doesn’t appear to be melting away any time soon.

Today there is a huge problem with weight gain and obesity as the intake of sugar increases hourly. But who can blame us? I love walking into Sainsburies and the first thing that catches my eye is the ‘offers’ stand where items including sachets of dairy milk buttons are only £1! Its not our fault if our minds are distracted and lured away from the blueberries which are £3 a box or salad pots which are £2.50. Its completely natural and sensible to fill our bags with the cheap crap that is always guaranteed to make us feel amazing.

– Seven days without chocolate makes one weak –

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