I know I’m a handful, but that’s why you have two hands!

As shown in the featured image, I am the luckiest lady alive. Not only does Marco know the route to my heart, but he also knows the path to my stomach.

– Relationships only survive if you are willing to give your entire self to the other party – 

DO NOT take the previous sentence to the extreme, there is a very strong difference between being obsessive towards your partner and being comfortable both together and independently.

This is why Marco and I work so well. I could easily state that we are the prime example of a perfect relationship, this isn’t due to the fact we are insanely attractive together *wink wink*, but because we use these 5 simple tricks:

1. Listen – in every relationship, romantic or professional, it’s important to listen; this is because listening is the route to completely understanding the other person. Without listening, how do you plan to support one another? 

Every evening Marco and I take the time to just lie down together, before attempting sleep, and talk about our day. What made us happy, what made us worry, and all the soppy bits like missing eachother and how much we love each other.

2. Patience – Believe me, I know how extremely easy is it to get angry and loose your patience with someone. There are so many situations where Marco has done something that bugs me, good intentions or not I always lash out and it’s blows things out of proportion. 

To solve this I have gotten better at maintaining patience, before I shout, cry or produce an attitude I take a moment to think about Marco’s side of the situation and how he must have felt or be feeling. This puts much more perspective to every story and keeps things on a calm and manageable level. This stops us from doing and saying things we may regret to crack the relationship. 

3. Honesty – This isn’t a game of hide and seek, this is real life. Hiding things whether you think they are important or not could create trust issues and insecurities in your relationship. Always be open.

Honesty doesn’t have to come in huge bags of confessions either, throughout the day I ask Marco to answer some of the worries I have. He doesn’t hide from me either, we are both attentive and open when appropriate to be so.

4. Intimacy – Sometimes people don’t want to talk, there are times when things can’t be explained with words. Skin to skin contact is always the best solution for ultimate comfort. Sex isn’t always the answer so do not confuse sexual release as a solution to other problems. Baby daddy and I are usually just sad from mental exhaustion and we both take the time to hold our arms open for a cuddle whenever and for how long we need. Being in Marco’s arms or vice-versa makes me feel safe, feeling protected by the person you trust and rely on the most gives you and your body the relief it needs. Simplicity is key.

5. Consideration – It doesn’t take a lot to make a fellow friend smile. Many like to declare their love with an enormous gesture which is wonderful and others do tiny moves here and there which is also fine. Take time to consider and observe how your partner is feeling and make a judgement on your future actions based on that. 

Some mornings I like to make the effort to wake up before Marco and surprise him with breakfast in bed, this makes him feel loved and cared for especially when I notice he may be a little run-down some days.  Little gestures like this show how important your partner is to you and gives them knowledge that you are constantly thinking about their well-being. 

– as a sidenote to this point: good deed goes a long way, make yourself feel good by making your partner feel good and don’t expect something in return. I’m fortunate that Marco surprises me with little deeds here and there but I don’t expect it. 

Love and cherish your partner. These points may be little, but they are important. They may be a lot to constantly think about but with time it becomes second nature. Marco and I are happy and healthy, we love each other more and more everyday. The laughter flows and the connection keeps running deep. We understand one another completely that we practically share the same mind. 

6 thoughts on “I know I’m a handful, but that’s why you have two hands!

  1. andrewvokes says:

    You guys look like such a sweet couple! I wish you all the luck with your first baby, it is such an amazing time! You’ll love it and hate it all at the same time… but mostly love it ! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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