Sugar Coated

This is me…

It’s not what comes to mind when you think about pregnancy. It’s not what you see in the movies or on tv. It’s not even a true depiction of my image as opposed to what you would see in person.
The truth is, nobody gets that neat little bump which suddenly vanishes after labour. There’s no getting around the nausea and vomiting weather it’s 1am or 4pm. Confidence will always be interfered by those tiny doubts, worries, questions. And, you know what? ‘Eating for two’ may be a myth, but every woman sure as hell does it anyway. 
But it’s all OK. 
A mothers journey may be a rollercoaster, but that’s why it’s so perfect. We all fall in love with someone we haven’t even met yet and that love continues to grow for eternity.  Others may not understand you now, but they will. 

I am impatient to meet my little girl, and so is my partner. I was shocked at how many friends and acquaintances supported me as my age could be a problem for some, but not me. My daughter’s birthday is soon to come and it’s true that time moves into slow motion when counting down the days till her arrival.

Do not trust or rely on stories or television to create your view on pregnancy and having a baby. What you get in real life is more exciting, challenging and overall perfect.

However, Beware; this part of your life is always hit by a huge sack of raging hormones.
Love and support surrounding mothers-to-be, we/they are going through something amazing. Without them, we’d be lost. 

7 thoughts on “Sugar Coated

  1. Amuria says:

    It’s funny, your’s is the first blog I follow, from heart. Well, you know how I got here, so thanks ^_^
    you are so lovely, Hope all the best for you in this magical moments, I can only imagine how much your heart must be resonating lately.
    Hugs for you and for her, may she shine bright like her mother 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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