Maternity Madness

My belly’s bigger, my butt’s bigger, my boobs are bigger, even my feet are bigger…

…everything but my f*****g bladder!


Motherhood is when changing from flannel pj pants into black yoga pants qualifies as ‘getting dressed’

I am one of those heavily pregnant ladies who is naturally happy walking anywhere and everywhere in a baggy tshirt and joggers. However, if you know me well, you would read this and laugh knowing that I would prefer to be dressed constantly in Audrey Hepburn’s style.

You have not witnessed the nightmare of clothes shopping till you have been at least 20 weeks pregnant. Although your wardrobe increases in simplicity and comfort, at the same time it decreases in reasonably priced tags. What once were sexy leather pants, £15 from newlook, are now stretchy expandable leggings retailing from £35-45 at the same store. Dazzling heels are thrown to make way for the practical ‘mom’ slip-ons and forget about anything like tights or skinny jeans which are even more of a struggle to get on than they previously were!

I am outraged at the prices of maternity wear, I have a baby to be paying for in the near future! Give me a break! The excuse is that clothes made for pregnant women can also be worn long after labour; NO women actually follows through with this till their next baby. Maybe it is just me but I want to feel and look my best after blowing up like a balloon, after the harsh journey of carrying and delivering another human I want to dress up in something other than loose-fitting clothes.

Re-price the rails! Make life a little more stress-free, please make it easier for us future mommies who are already going through a tough period. Comfort should always be comfort, not comfort with a side of expense.

IMG_6925 (2)




3 thoughts on “Maternity Madness

  1. llxoxo says:

    I also found most maternity wear to be extremely frumpy and unflattering! I purchased “normal” fashion in larger sizes in the end! Your shoes are gorgeous! And the bladder issue was just as annoying for me too Hun! Xxx

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