Summer Rain

Summer! Summer! Where have you gone?
Where in the sky did it all go wrong?
Where do the raindrops form to fall
Upon the umbrellas held so tall?

Pitter patter on the glass.
Whether it’s slow or whether it’s fast
Water splatters, everywhere it goes
In standing-still puddles and river-flows.

One is at piece with the sound of the rain,
Refreshing, de-stressing, with absence of strain.
Rhythmic and patterned, the perfect sleep aid. 
Now, as usual, the sun’s re-appearance is made. 


– During the last few days the weather in England has been so hormonal, the days start and finish with pouring rain. The sun makes his own appearance mid-day for a couple of hours before sneaking back off to bed.

On the other hand Nikita seems to enjoy herself, whatever the weather.



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