Butterfly Brain

Writers Block – When your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you


Like butterflies, the thoughts in my head uncontrollably flutter around, land momentarily and then take flight before I have a chance of catching them.

I’m scared, this is how I lost the continuity of my blog last time, my brain suddenly stops thinking of what to write. Is it the fact that I post too many articles a day? Or is it simply because I have no more creative storage? Do I need to upgrade my brain for a newer model?

My page is hard to follow, this is because its random. I post anything that is currently on my mind; loves, hates, fears, opinions. But the more I express, the more difficult it is for me to come up with new things to say, to talk about. This doesn’t make any sense, surely a random blog should be open to everything, yet I’m running out of things to type.

I admire youtubers and writers who are constantly sharing fresh feeds. How do they do it? They are genius. To be honest, watching ‘Pretty Little Liars’ back to back recently hasn’t helped with the inventive side of my brain.

For the moment, I have nothing else left to say.

Comment ideas and stuff I dont know!

13 thoughts on “Butterfly Brain

  1. Amuria says:

    I think giving time to yourself, your heart, without demand, is always the best. Some Youtubers and the like write all the time but they have an “Industry” feeling to them from the few I’ve seen. In fact I distanced myself from such things over the years, exactly to flee from stress.

    Don’t stress your being, and when the happy or hateful things come, they’ll feel always genuine and significant. Wait for your drive to make it’s cycle, and when the cup fills, you’ll feel like letting it out, and it will come out as truthful and powerful as before. ^_^

    Not that I can actually say it, since I just spill out things to lighten my chest haha.

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  2. shegivesnofox says:

    I’ve stopped writing for MONTHS at a time and once, for
    More than a year but I was convinced I had “lost it.” And then this fear kicks in where suddenly, nothing I can write is good enough. But enough of that! You have just keep going. I take notes throughout the day about random little moments, feelings, questions for humanity… the skies the limit. Try keeping a notes section in your phone or a little notepad for random little ideas or topics! Write down your dreams before you forget them.. make something small into something big! It works for me!

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  3. formerlyflints says:

    I haven’t written I. Almost a year, but I am trying to get back into it. I would say take a small break and do something you enjoy just by yourself. Then have a brain dump after your break and see if you have any new ideas. Going into nature always helps me😄

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  4. Christy B says:

    It takes time to build a community at your blog but I like what I read here as the posts are very genuine. You say the subjects are random but it’s your voice that is consistent and weaves it all together ❤

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  5. briantechblog says:

    Well, there is a lot out there to talk about. You can always find inspiration from the internet. Or your camera. There are lots of options

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