34, Lets worry some more.

– Mothers please comment and give me some advice – 

I am becoming more and more concerned about my growing uterus and her arrival.

34 weeks checkup with the midwife today; blood was fine, urine was fine, little Arwen’s heartbeat was perfect as usual. I thought, apart from my low iron intake, everything was as it should be…until the midwife told me baby was measuring small.

As a first time mother, I am scared. I have a scan booked for this coming Tuesday to make sure everything is OK health wise. My mind is racing! I have been monitoring my girl’s movements for weeks and she’s constantly active which is a good sign, I have had no pain or bleeding or anything to be concerned about. I pray she is just small and healthy. It is too early to be thinking the worst but I can’t help it, Tuesday seems forever away and I just want to be told that everything is OK.

I just need to get that scan done and so its out of the way enabling me to move on in the direction advised. Since 32 weeks my midwife and doctor have constantly measured 30cm from the top of my uterus to the top of the pelvic bone. Am I being to emotional over here?
I ask other mothers to comment their experiences with this situation, let me have some peace of mind. Support me.

There will be an immediate update on Tuesday about how my scan and assessment went.


12 thoughts on “34, Lets worry some more.

  1. michnavs says:

    Well this is indeed something to worry..butttt dont freak out..wait until your scan.for now take it easy…go on with your normal routines..it will help..pray..so hard..it works..i know..i am a mom of four..

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  2. CrazedIndianHouseWife says:

    The baby could be burying herself further downstream (is that the right term?) how can they say that without a scan? Seems stupid to scare a mother about baby’s size without actually measuring baby via scan? Eat more, rest more, take iron supplements and most importantly wait for the scan to freak out, if need be.

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  3. Maria H. says:

    My uterus didn’t grow very much with either of my kids; and they really freaked me out the first time, too. We did the scan and found that baby was in breach position, sitting low in the pelvis, and with low but not traumatic amniotic fluid. We were able to wait until 37 weeks before the C-section for baby number 1 and number 2 (2 years later) made it almost to 39 weeks. Both were perfectly healthy, even though the first one was only 5 pounds and 15 ounces. I found a correlation between working out and having low amniotic fluid, so it’s probably best to just rest until your due date.

    And if there was something wrong there is a good chance your doctor can fix it. Baby will be fine with today’s advances in medicine. It’s really incredible what they can do! Be positive and trust yourself, if baby is moving fine then I feel confident everything is okay.

    Also, thanks for stopping by my family/homeschool blog yesterday.

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  4. babymakersguidetothegalaxy says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about their estimates. They can be very far off. My bubba was supposed to be 2 pounds lighter than he was when he was born. In any case, a small baby isn’t something to worry too much over especially with the technology we have today 🙂

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  5. blissthewitch says:

    My babe was measuring small at 34 weeks too. I’m a first-time mother as well and hearing that absolutely terrified me, so I know how you feel. Remember that the science isn’t absolute though, measurements can still be off even with the technology we have available. And if Arwen (beautiful name btw – I was tossing up between Arwen and Aowyn for my next one!) is measuring small, that doesn’t mean she’s not perfectly healthy. Don’t stress Mama, you both will be fine 🙂 xx

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  6. kmellum says:

    My little guy measured small too! It sounds like everything (blood tests, urine, etc.) have been great, so I would try not to let worry get the best of you. That being said, I was really worried during my first pregnancy too. Even after he was born, my pediatrician was slightly concerned about his size/weight gain, but he’s almost 1 year now and healthy/happy as can be! I’m sure your scan will be nothing but positive, and that will definitely help put your mind at ease 🙂

    Also, try and stay busy – or at least focus on a task/activity that keeps your mind occupied (and helps time pass faster). For me, it was reading and sewing.

    Rest up, mama!

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  7. bethanyk says:

    My daughter was measuring small because she was in my BACK!!!!! It was all in her positioning. I had a scan and she was fine. I had an additional scan before she was born, two weeks bc I went into preterm labor that said she was 6 lbs and she was almost 8 lbs.
    i had a midwife too. I think it is unnecessary scaring of a mother to be with all of the worries we already have!!!!
    Will be waiting with you on the scan results.
    With all of that movement and labs normal I’d say try to wait and think the best.

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  8. emetroka says:

    Sounds like everything else has been ok so I’m sure you’re totally fine!! Don’t you hate how they tell you these things and it just makes you worry when there’s most likely nothing to worry about?? Prayers!

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