Worry Not.

Why must I be so quick to judge something I have not yet experienced?


Following a letter Marco and I received on the Friday afternoon I have been completely stressed and enraged, until today. I thought antenatal visits were unnecessary, I was angry at that the idea of someone intruding and pocking their nose around my home to judge its cleanliness or overall suitability. I was distressed this whole weekend with nesting/tidying to suit some stranger’s expectations. ‘GOOGLE’ scared me with other mother’s experiences on home visits and interviews with health care providers, so much so that I was tempted to keep the door unanswered for the whole morning.

However, I was wrong. My courage opened the door at 10am to a lovely lady who was so chilled and so genuinely happy. Today we sat down at the kitchen table together, had a coffee and shared some leaflets. The simplicity of the before sentence rings true. No nervous house tour or browsing of items I ‘should’ have prepared for baby Sousa.
‘She’ (as we didn’t even learn each others names) just asked me simple yes and no questions:

  • Do I have enough support?
  • Do I have a birth plan?
  • Will I be breast feeding?
  • Do you know who to call for any concerns?

She stayed just 10 minutes, had a quick natter about why they had this home visit system before and after the baby’s birth and then left. Leaving a very relaxed and well informed future mother to get on with her bed rest.

What on earth was I worrying about? Sure, other women might experience rude assholes who demand a tour of the house and a detailed description of where their babies will poop and feed and roll around. But this wasn’t one of those cases. I am ashamed at myself for thinking the worst, as usual, however I am now feeling uplifted and positive about the future security and support for my little one.

Furthermore, today has surprisingly given me so much more confidence for my scheduled growth assessment scan later on in the week!
I shall continue trying to lay off the ‘rabbit in the headlights’ attitude when it comes to times like this. I need to learn to trust a little more and be happy about the support that I am given today, because some people aren’t given these sorts of privileges.

Today was simple and enjoyable. Thank you strange but pleasant lady.

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