Carrying Concerns

– Thank you to all those who commented positive and encouraging messages on my previous posts –


Today was a tiring but wonderful day. After all the scare of baby being too small from lack of bump growth, my ultrasound concluded she is measuring perfectly. Marco and I saw parts of her beautiful skull, spine, kidneys, abdomen and other various places which were important for the overall measurements of our soon-to-be daughter.
The only factor of my womb which the doctor lightly touched upon was the lack of fluid surrounding baby Arwen. Dr. Benjamin simply explained she is just swallowing the fluid fast and that this can easily be gained back.

I managed to retrieve a prescription for iron tablets so my iron levels should increase positively as well.

For my courage and overall successful trip to the hospital, Marco treated me to a much needed and well deserved McDonald pig out which will keep me satisfied for the remaining few weeks of pregnancy. Time for a cuddle and movie marathon with my hubby I think.

Happy blogging everyone!

15 thoughts on “Carrying Concerns

  1. selviafei says:

    My sister have that problem too with her third pregnancy but it’s okay the baby born healthy and now she is 3 years old 😉 so don’t worry.. everything will be just perfect.. 👌

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  2. StephanieRae says:

    After having four healthy babies I can say I understand the fears. Pray, trust, and move forward one heartbeat at a time.❤️
    Enjoy- it’s a beautiful thing, life.
    Beautiful picture btw.

    Liked by 1 person

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