Sitting Duck

– Any other ladies due this year? –


Both ovia and bounty state that I have 33 days left till my due date, but like any other normal mother-to-be I am hoping I will meet baby sooner rather than later.
I have decided to spend the remaining weeks stocking up some serious rest which I will rapidly lose once mini-me is here.
I feel like I am glowing; if I am not in bed I am most likely in a bubble bath with a cold glass of coke and a box of chocolate. Feeling totally relaxed is all I wish right now.

I have recently invested in a Netflix account which will keep my patience increased. Baby Arwen loves to natter with me as we observe Marco’s immediate response to our beckoning, it seems all three of us are sitting ducks when it comes to Arwen’s arrival. The rain is making everything about my current situation more snug; its a cosy sort of weather, isnt it?

Comment your plans for the last weeks of pregnancy!

Hospital bags for mommy and baby keep staring at me as the days stroll by; 5 weeks to go and I am still unsure whether to have a home or hospital birth, but either way everything still needs to be prepared and ready for when I start leaking.

I still struggle with boredom and impatience.
Wish me luck as I attempt to watch the clock every second of the day.


15 thoughts on “Sitting Duck

  1. 2e0mca says:

    The last weeks of pregnancy are pretty stressful for us guys too! It was 15 years ago and I still remember that call to the hospital πŸ˜‰ I hope all goes well and I think investing in some good TV and perhaps some books for afterwards is a good idea. The TV particularly keeps the new small person interested while you’re doing the parenting essentials. My Son and I watched the 2002 World Cup while Mum recovered and rested πŸ™‚

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  2. DewItYourself says:

    I was induced and ended up in a csection. Seriously not what I wanted. But I needed it because my baby was stuck. I was a ball of nervousness but everything comes and goes and in the end you have the most amazing gift ever.

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  3. Colin - Scottish Legend says:

    My daughter is 8 months on Thursday my wife went into labour three weeks early, the little one was desperate to be out for Christmas, we went to the hospital thinking that they would send us home but went straight into the delivery room and 4 hours from her water braking we had the little one there. It was a fast delivery, nerve wracking for me, and she did it with only gas and air. No pain killers.
    It was intense. Hope all goes smoothly for you

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