I cry every time this happens.


Why does Marco’s napping bother me? His head is currently buried in pillows, half of his body is under the duvet so it looks like his temperatures are confused. He is turned away from me, unresponsive.
I miss his lively company which I already drown in second by second. Please tell me if you think my obsession for Marco and his attention is unhealthy and what can I do to keep it chill?

I love to feel his skin, his warmth.
He lays there, still and quiet, and I just get to hold time in my hands for a minute; observing every detail, perfect or imperfect about him.
I get to fall in love all over again.
Every breath I copy falls rhythmically with mine, and suddenly everything is calm and ok again.
Magical, Isn’t it? Knowing someone is much more than they think they are.

So what do I do? I cry for the entire minute he doesn’t look back at me or respond; but why? The dramatic, passionate girl inside of me longs for more than what he is able to give! What do I do to slay the obsessive beast inside of me?
Does Marco feel the same when my body wreaks of unconsciousness? Does he stare at me and study me the same way I do him? Does he have undying love even though I am not a sleeping beauty?
Do I…

…Nevermind, my King has awoken.


Have you found your soulmate yet?

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