Lazy Rule: Can’t reach it, Don’t need it


Marco and I FaceTime just to ask what type of cracker we want with our cheese
– relationship goals


These past few days have been a real struggle for me, especially in the mornings. I am permanently stuck on the dial signalling ‘EMPTY FUEL’ ; this is a permanent nightmare for a heavily pregnant lady who, to begin with, has shit levels of energy anyway!

This is completely my fault as my normal sleeping schedule plummeted after quitting dancing altogether, so before gaining a foetus my days drastically changed to doing absolutely nothing and this has continued throughout my months of baby growing.
At the moment, whether I go to bed at a sensible time or a ridiculous time, I am forever exhausted. More often than not I wake up in the morning at around 11ish (after going to bed at 11:30) and instantly feel it’s time for a nap, it’s a burden to just turn over in bed let alone gaining the effort to make breakfast. Hence my days are spent lying around until I feel the 2% energy I need to do a poo.

The fact that time slows down in the last few weeks of pregnancy does not at all help with my current snail brain. Surely there is a limit to how lazy a person can be? If all I can be bothered to do during the entire day is put one batch of laundry into the machine, what life do I have during the next few weeks until I pass my due date and I have a baby to look after and love?

Yes plenty of people say ‘enjoy this time’, ‘stock up on all the rest you are definitely going to lose’, ‘don’t do too much!’ – These comments are all very well and true apart from the fact that I am mentally exhausted and depressed from the lack of activity my body is enduring.
Thank god for my best friend! Marco brings the support and entertainment to make the days more bearable. Without the love of my life and his perfect existence it is inevitable that I would run down the road to crazy-ville, I would turn mentally insane.


‘I’m not lazy, I’m on energy saving mode’

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