Royal Pain in my ARSE!

Unfortunately private or decent labour and maternity units do not exist in the areas surrounding my little town. I therefore have to survive the services of a place where fat ladies go to just sit and inhale tea and biscuits.

The Royal Berkshire Hospital is the nearest available place to me to bring my daughter into the world; hence I am opting for home birth.
Jesus what mess; hefty women seem to totter around aimlessly, pretending to be deeply occupied with something. They are always nattering yet nothing appears to be done and ironically there is no communication. If they aren’t wasting time waddling around, nurses/receptionists are stuck to chairs – which are clearly more comfortable than patient waiting stools – stuffing their faces with gossip and beverages.

After the failure of my ultrasound, where no measurements of baby were taken, I was left waiting around the maternity unit for a total of 3.5 hours! Being prodded and lead around like cattle, my father and I saw two midwives in this time zone. This triggered stress as both midwives had no idea why we were sent to them or what we were supposed to be doing.

Finally the outraged pregnant lady and her father in pain were sent to yet another waiting room to be seen by a doctor, whom of which we were supposed to be sent to right at the beginning!
I departed. I did not see the doctor. I refused to wait to be told no information whatsoever. I was fed up playing ring-around-the-roses.

As I took my leave I vowed never to enter that place again. I am not rude, or ‘stuck up’, I was simply fed up of being sent somewhere to answer questions which I could not answer because the nurses did not communicate with me. They all seemed to do their jobs via a paper trail and the slow processes drove me to sickness.

I decided to have a stonkingly-great McDonald’s to cheer up my worn out, upset body and mind.


– I have nothing against women who have a little extra on them, nor I am against waiting patiently just like everyone else. But there is a limit to how ‘free’ this health care seems to be. Our systems need to be improved. – 

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