What a pickle…

I have experienced a lot of bosom leakage throughout these 9 months, but never before like this!

Last night I awoke in shock horror! One breast had managed to spill so much colostrum that not only was my tshirt wet, but the duvet around me and the mattress sheet had huge pools of soggy moisture. It was such a cold, unpleasant feeling to be woken with, along with my usual over spilling  bladder.

– Any other mothers experienced leaking to this extent? – 

25 days till my due date, my glands must be over preparing. Wearing a bra is hard for me, always. Whether its maternity style, sexy lingerie or normal, my back just aches due to the size of my chest. Of course when I go out I do wear cups so I don’t get those unpleasant circles of damp, just like when you leave long wet hair drying over your shoulder; but my lungs are flattened almost instantly.

Between now and 3 weeks time I am meeting my daughter and I cant be feeling constantly wet when my milk comes in so I will have to get used to wearing padded stuff. Please comment suggestions of what is comfy and easy to wear which can absorb moisture, I am struggling with bras.

Its all part of being a mommy, and I shouldn’t complain.

6 thoughts on “What a pickle…

  1. bethanyk says:

    Oh I was the boob leaking queen. I could not believe how often I soaked the bed! I slept on a towel, didn’t matter. Finally I got a waterproof pad so I didn’t have to then wash EVERYTHING!

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      • bethanyk says:

        I’m so glad I could help!after sleeping on sour sheets let me tell you that just got old. I was doing so much laundry when my milk came in and would just leak all night long. Between that and the diapers and the pooped on onesies!!!! I actually bought a few things. One was a waterproof pad for a crib and that was the perfect size. Then i bought a waterproof cover for the bed and cut it up and put it right under my sheets where I lay. That way I was totally covered.

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  2. monikamusings says:

    I leaked through both my pregnancies- take it as a good sign that your milk supply will be great!! These are the pads I preferred. I really HATE disposable stuff but the alternatives did not prevent the wetness leaking through.
    These eventually lay flat and are not as noticable but when you first put them on they are very visible.
    Hope you find a solution!


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  3. itsamumslife2017 says:

    I was lucky it seems and only leaked a handful of times. But my aunt was so over loaded with milk she used to express over the bath to release the pain (it will also get reduce the lumps) your breast has pockets that’s fill with milk which is the lumps you can feel that are so painful. I’m not sure if it’s recommended you express before the baby is born, check with your midwife as this will releave your discomfort! X

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