I have that wonderful Friday feeling

I have just woken from a 4 hour nap.

what the hell
what time is it
thirst thirst thirst


AKA; I am all disorientated, be warned that what I say/do/type may not make any sense.

Good evening everyone! Its the weekend and I am feeling rather happy considering my midwife cancelled on me earlier – so.many.questions.need.answers.ahhhhhh – but on the bright side it has given me something to look forward to next week and make the days go by a little more quickly.

what else? what else? … um … 

Oh yeah! I recently watched a video about ‘horrifying McDonalds secrets that will make you never eat there again’. I am never affected by these sources of information, walking blissfully into ‘MuckyD’s’ today and ordering a fat-ass meal was the best way to start the weekend.
ANYWAY – I was standing in line waiting for my bag of diabetes when two ladies, not much older than I, walked up to the neighboring counter and ordered an apple pie each. My head exploded! My stomach ached! Baby Arwen was probably one fresh uterus milkshake by the time I had finished laughing.
I didn’t mean to be rude, however remembering that video I had watched about how they make certain products brought me to react like a sassy black woman:

– ‘ya nastyy’ – 

Blame it on the pregnancy madness.

I feel so chilled, at the moment I am watching Marco play BLOODBOURNE ON THE PS4.
I turn 37 weeks pregnant in 2 days! Hurry up little lady!


What are you doing this evening?


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