5 bullshit products I own but never use

–  Hello Monday! Lovely to see you! –


1. Hairdryer

Nowadays I can’t be bothered to use a tool like this. I have long-ish, thick hair; bending over or having my arms above my head for the period of time it takes to thoroughly dry my full head of hair is exhausting! So there it is, sitting on top of my wardrobe waiting to be used. I was given it as a gift and it’s expensive so I have no guilt in not using it; my method is a soothing brush and letting it dry naturally.

2. Hand sanitizer 

For years I have been the housekeeper for my family, constantly washing and cleaning is what I love to do! Therefore I wash my hands a dozen times a day – using the one and only imperial leather. The size of a bottle may vary, but even a petit tube takes up unnecessary space in my purse when I go out. Let’s get real, when will I have a convenient time to purposefully clean my hands with a slimy substance in the middle of being ‘out and about’?

3. Conditioner

I have no idea what the appeal is with silky smooth hair? I don’t actually own this product but because my sister does, it’s always around the bathroom. Trying various brands of conditioner has just made my hair feel flat and greasy, for some reason I hate the texture it gives to my scalp.

4. Shoe polish

It’s black, it’s messy, it gets everywhere except on the shoe. Yet it still deserves an important place in my cupboard due to the principle that throwing items away means you’ll definitely need it in the short future. Most of my shoes are dark canvas, if I have a need to clean my white coloured footwear I use a wipe. Simple but powerful.

5. Earphones

A couple of these wires hang around tangled in my bedroom. Earphones do not only irritate every possible part of my ear, but the sound from them is never good or bearable. They are direct to the ear yet impossible to hear anything out of, plus they just slip and slide out of placement anyway. Furthermore I believe these gadgets make everyone seem more rude and enclosed.

Comment an item you possess but never actually put to use; It’s quite interesting to see what we can and cant live without. 

8 thoughts on “5 bullshit products I own but never use

  1. Ely says:

    Lol. Where would I BEGIN! 1- 3 curling irons. My hair DOES not curl unless it’s naturally and with a bit of moose…it does not respond to curling irons yet I keep hoarding them. Ugh. 2- nail polish. I NEVER paint my nails and when I do, I mostly get the stuff all over my hands. Pointless. 3- a million body lotions. I don’t even like lotion. But I can’t seem to get rid of them. I have naturally oily skin so why on EARTH I wanna feel more greasy is beyond me. Ugh. Lol oh and also one more thing: a cheese grater. Enough said.

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  2. Karissa Jacksn says:

    I totally understand with the blow-dryer! I have course, coily hair and straightening it is a nightmare! Lol i couldn’t live without my headphones though.

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  3. Honest K says:

    I have a house full of crap. I use the same deodorant everyday. The clothes, pretty much. The same shower gel. Same shoes. Same tooth paste. Same beans and waffles for dinner. I literally use 10% off all the crap I have accumulated. Most of which is hand lotions and FOOT cream. Foot!! Who has time for that?!

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