Bump Update – 37 weeks pregnant

The hardest thing about being pregnant is not being able to see your feet, and by feet I mean vagina.

Hello mommies and daddies! How are we all feeling this week?
I am temporarily 37 weeks + 2 days, its crazy and exciting to know I could be meeting my daughter between now and (give or take) 19 days time!


Nausea: Naturally some feelings of faintness and ear-ringing showed an appearance at the beginning of this week, but only for a mere 10 minutes. I was taking my father to his physio appointment and when we were in the nurses room my body didn’t like the atmosphere so it decided to take on a bit a nausea. The physiotherapist was ever so lovely, offering me water and making me have a lie down on her bench! I was back to normal quick as a flash.

The Drop: Arwen has definitely dropped, its obvious when you look at my profile. Even though she is measuring as a small baby she has no problem in giving me excess pain and discomfort as she kicks and rolls lower down. It achy and uncomfortable to walk and get up from lying down, I also experience sharp pains when I move too quickly.

Constipation: For some reason my bowels always seem empty, the only way I know I am due for ‘toilet time’ is when my gas starts to smell extra…shitty, or if my anus starts to ache. I do drink a good amount of water each day, my overall food intake is perfectly healthy and still its a struggle to pass the number 2s.

Fatigue: I could sleep all day. My body and mind feel so empty but weighty all the time now, standard exhaustion; however if I force myself to get up and get on with simple chores my energy feels regenerated and back to normal. Arwen hasn’t kept me awake or stopped me from sleeping at all during this pregnancy…is this still to come?

Nesting! : Huge burst of nesting this week! I have saved all my organizing, tidying, scrubbing and cleaning for these last couple of weeks before baby is born, I chose to do this simply because it has given me something to do to pass the time in the slow countdown to labour day. Obviously the whole house needs to be fresh, spotless and safe for the new baby; easy access to nearly everything is evident (especially for Marco, I might need to give him an orientation lesson for where stuff is).


My impatience is forever growing, of course you need to cook for however long you need but please just come out already! *wishing my water to break*



9 thoughts on “Bump Update – 37 weeks pregnant

  1. DIYMess says:

    Oh I remember that nesting feeling, my house hasn’t been as clear since! Enjoy your last few weeks. Prep some meals that you can freeze and that can be eaten with one hand!

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