Becoming a Mother

I have no idea what I’m doing and that’s ok!

Becoming a parent is a huge change for anyone, our lives change drastically either from the moment of conception or the time of birth noted by the midwife. I know full well that I can prepare myself to the maximum for baby’s arrival but once she is here it is pretty much just a day-by-day learning process.

Excited, nervous and slightly ignorant are just a few of the many emotions I’m feeling as I wait for D-day.
Here we go – 5 things that I worry about caring for a newborn:


1. Temperature control: Of course the appropriate measures I have taken are purchasing bath, room and rectal thermometers to guide how cold and hot my baby is/should be. I am awful at judging temperature and my house changes temperature drastically all the time which doesn’t help.

2. Sleeping: I have been told to wave goodbye to good rest for a while, especially when my newborn needs to be fed every two hours and whatnot. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) frightens me to the point where I cry just thinking about it lightly, I have asked questions and read a whole load of books just so I know the safety and comfortable precautions of putting a baby to sleep like the back of my hand. I suppose I’m worried about my body not getting enough rest and as a result may lead to clumsy and unforgivable outcomes.

3. Hygiene: I scrub, clean and sanitize my house nearly everyday but the thought of germs still horrify me. I catch bugs and colds way to easily, I don’t want this to happen to Arwen. Reading articles and generally chatting with my midwife has made me aware to risks when I am washing or not washing baby, and regular change in bedding, nappies and clothing are mandatory (as well as a nutritious, consistent diet).

4. Irritating products: I know this may sound absurd, especially because I am having child, but I just hate purchasing or being given products with constant noise or flashing lights – basically irritating things which trigger my fury. Hopefully I will get used to things things but at the moment they really wind me up, I can’t avoid things which will improve Arwen’s stimulation and growth.

5. Fast forward: We all grow, faster than we think and it’s sad that babies cannot stay newborn forever. The future is far but it does come around at a pace, what happens if I am too wrapped up in worries to just love Arwen? I’m scared of time shooting by making me miss all the great things about having a first child, because you only get one chance.


– Thank god for Marco, he is a blessing as he keeps me growing stronger and stronger everyday. Without Marco, I can’t imagine my life being as perfect as it is now x


8 thoughts on “Becoming a Mother

  1. CAROL says:

    Oh I remember the early days! Temperature control was my obsession haha. But as they grow older you will learn to stress less about the little things. They do get sick alot on their first year. Madeleine got her first cold at about 7 months. When she started at childcare with the other babies she was sick for almost 2 months when she was 10 months old. Now she hardly gets sick! Shes immune to it all haha. 😊😊

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  2. lillies&lipstick says:

    Becoming a mother is one big challenge but it’s exciting and fun more than a scary – of course you will have worries but with someone as dedicated as you already are, they will pass and nature and instinct will kick in. As for people being negative about sleeping – don’t listen! Some of my friends babies slept through from day 1! Unfortunately my son doesn’t haha but I’ve learnt to run on tiny amounts of sleep. You and your baby will have such a good connection from the 9 months you spent carrying them that you will help each other through the hard times. Enjoy it – you will be amazing 🙂 x

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  3. irosso16 says:

    I’m not a mom. In fact, I struggled to conceive and am mid process of IVF. One day I know I will be a mom and I will carry a baby. I also know that I will probably worry about all the same things. I have 12 embryos right now, they are frozen and waiting to be transferred (one at a time lol) and I already have so many concerns! I think this is what will make you a great mommy 💜

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