Eighteen and Pregnant – The Real Story

Like any other privileged being, my heart and soul intertwined with his. Suddenly age meant nothing to me as my mind – already far more mature than it should be – felt as if it didn’t belong in this youthful temple. How is it possible that one who just gained the authority to buy alcohol, smoke cigarettes and drive a car connected strongly, mentally and physically, to a man with higher levels of expectations and maturity.

Tell me; am I a middle-aged woman stuck in an immature anatomy?

I have not thrown my life away, I have chosen a path which is comfortable for me. Yes, walking into adulthood and gaining freedom is not about being reckless, it’s about finding what you want to do with the time you are given and achieving maximum satisfaction. For me, this is motherhood.

Anything built from and with Marco is destined to be more than perfect.

In short; I understood Marco was an older man and his time to build stability and a family of his own was just around the corner, I was honoured to support and provide him with this chance.

Let it be known that sometimes I do have those little thoughts that argue whether I am giving up what other beginner adults are experiencing, but these do not outweigh the things I am gaining.

Marco and Arwen shall forever be part of my adventurous years yet to come; how is my life nearly complete when it has only just begun?

SAM_0645 (2).JPG

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