I shall endure…

I have just hit 38 weeks; feeling uncomfortable has reached its peak, my relationship with the toilet is now intimate and Arwen is starting to show signs of a fickle mind – just like her mother.

Good god, exhaustion hit me like a wet blanket! I spent the last few days healing my body and stocking up on rest for the upcoming weeks; I indulged in activities here and there including a trip to the cinema and a short walk around the neighborhood but nothing overly excessive.
To my horror, I woke late afternoon yesterday to find my body completely shut down! Proper eating and drinking is not the issue, Marco has been taking perfect care of me. I had 72 hours of nothing but bed rest and still my body had no life, no energy whatsoever.

I had and still have that awful feeling whereby my body is exhausted due to a heavy amount of work and a lack of slumber…but why??

Any other mothers experiencing this or have experienced this? Tell me, does this happen towards the end of the pregnancy for almost all women?

 My pitiful physique does not appear to be in good condition at all lately, I do pray this improves when my tenant vacates. For now I shall suffer patiently, wish me luck.

IMG_8625 (2).JPG





9 thoughts on “I shall endure…

  1. Honest K says:

    Oh no, I remember just wanting the baby out at this point, poor you! Hope the tenant is kicked out soon, not that you will get much rest then! But at least you will be able to lie don’t without getting a leg cramp 😀 Good luck for the big day

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  2. Robin D says:

    My little one arrived when I was at 38 weeks, and I felt exhausted. I know it’s different for everyone, but that day I just felt different. I was sitting different, and generally felt out of sorts. Either way, you are very, very close now. Good luck, and take care!

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  3. windsofchange18 says:

    Oh yes so remember my daughter came early and I didn’t experience all that discomfort until my son came along the last month was unbearable I had ached all over and I had no energy also . I think with in that month I read 3 books … hang in there it’s actually worth all the discomfort . It’s so beautiful . Good luck.


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