Tick Tock

Arwen and I had a good natter and chuckle whilst waiting to see each other.

Due to Reading Festival clogging up the streets, I decided to make an effort to travel early in order to be on time for my ultrasound appointment. Oops! I had arrived an hour early!
My exhaustion seemed to disappear as Arwen drew my attention, it were as if she and I were thinking the exact same things whilst she rolled and kicked heavily.ย Quite rude really, us two, judging every character who shuffled into the waiting room.

There are a lot of those, aren’t there? Men and women who walk in or sit patiently looking miserable as sin, glumly staring into their phones and wishing they weren’t here. Excluding me, of course – The grinning lady who is apparently mentally disturbed as she sits in the corner with utmost content.

Upon having arrived early, baby and I sat in the same spot waiting for an hour and … minutes until my scheduled appointment.
I was outraged, my name still wasn’t being called out for at least another 30mins after my appointed time! Tiredness slapped me right in the face as soon as I realised what time it was and still the midwives hadn’t seen me yet! Sadly, Arwen had gone to sleep so I had to make my own amusement.

However! The day ended successfully as tomorrow (Thursday 24th) I am scheduled for an induction! What a result! I shall be a mommy by the end of this week!

Wish me luck!




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