Inducement – What a beginning!

 – My apologies for the lack of posting 


What a phenomenal, tiring and traumatic few days I have just endured!!
I gave birth to my irresistible daughter on the morning of August 25th; here is the story…


During a planned induction a pessary is inserted into the vagina to make the uterus contract resulting in the cervix softening and opening. My body reacted to this procedure incredibly fast. Bare in mind these pessaries can take up to 24 hours to work and most first time pregnancies usually need two attempts to get contractions working.

Not me.

Maybe an hour or so? was the time it took for my body to accept the soluble strip and for 2-3 hours I began to experience uncomfortable and painful levels of contractions. I was given two rounds of codeine and paracetamol to numb the agony.
Walking, ball-bouncing/rolling and taking a bath did not work at all for me when trying to cope with the pain. Neither me nor the midwives realized I had reached the point where the contractions where 30 seconds apart but varied in duration, and by the time I got the treatment to slow down the induction process my body mentally wanted to slip into unconsciousness.

Of course throughout all of this I was sent a lot of love and support, face-timing family and being occupied by endless youtube streaming was a big help in controlling all the emotions.

 But, you won’t believe what happened next! Like, share and follow to find out!




15 thoughts on “Inducement – What a beginning!

  1. Lu says:

    Congratulations Jessica. I was induced too… your experience sounds similar to mine at the moment. Having a child though is an amazing experience. I had my daughter when I was 19 yrs and she is nearly 18 yrs now. She is one of my closest companions. Enjoy your journey together xxx

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  2. elitsastaneva says:


    Motherhood is an exciting journey of ups and downs.

    Every time I look at my baby daughter my heart smiles.

    Good luck! 🌹

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