Labour and Delivery – The finishing article

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I was injected with diamorphine to slow down and regulate the contractions I was having due to the insertion of a pessary.

Apart from the needle stab in my thigh and a slight cramping, the pain became more bearable. Midwives one and two wheeled me downstairs to the delivery suits where I lost my mucus plug but gained gas and air.
Oh my, that was a delight! I still felt discomfort as delivery drew closer but the pain relief took the edge off and gave me minutes of pleasant lightheadedness. It was comforting to believe the gas took everything away and that is what lead me to power through the labour.

Hold on! My water just broke!! A huge satisfying gush made its way, soaking the bed and notifying the midwife my daughter was on her way! It was just two minutes later when my body just took over and wanted to strain and push; this I tried to hold back until I couldn’t hold the struggle any longer.

 One push… two pushes … a final push!

IMG_8942 (2)

Arwen was out in the open!! A little squeal and a tiny wriggle and finally she was mine! Placed on my chest for warmth, I sobbed with overwhelming happiness as the cord was cut and the placenta followed.

We made it. Us three together. Finally being a family made nothing else matter.

Concluding with dissolvable stitches, I was transferred back to the maternity ward where my life as well as my daughter’s life had just begun.

 Arwen Maria Sousa,                                                                      IMG_8773 (2)

 25th August 2017,


16 thoughts on “Labour and Delivery – The finishing article

  1. Elisabeth O'Neill says:

    I’m just over three months and already dreading this part! But I’m sure any amount of pain will be worth holding my little pip for the first time. Congratulations, your daughter is so beautiful ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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