What happened to Marco

‘Perfect’, ‘ideal’ and ‘partner’ should all have the description ‘Marco Viveiros De Sousa’ in their definitions.


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So where did Daddy go? I strongly felt Marco needed an individual dedication post.

Every rollercoaster – aka an emotional wreck of a woman – needs someone who is strong, stable, loving, giving… The list of Marco’s perfect traits is endless. There is no way I would have made it through the labour of my daughter without Marco by my side, supporting me second by second.

Marco settled me into the hospital bed, every couple of minutes repeating ‘Do you need anything at all?’ – Attentive and giving, he ran around caring for my every need, the entertainment flowed out of him and I felt extremely safe and comfortable.
Awaiting the frightening experience yet to come, Marco made my heart flutter and face ache.

Uh oh! The levels of contractions increased but Marco wasn’t phased by my pitiful discomfort. He constantly held my hand and stroked my head, ‘Imagine the breath capturing all that pain and releasing it out of your body’, his beautiful rhythmic words settled my hysteria and magically the pain disappeared.

As I was wheeled to delivery both the midwife and Marco laughed uncontrollably as I firmly told him ‘this is it Marco, I’m only doing this once!’
Being pre-occupied with what was happening down-under, Marco reassuringly explained what was happening and how it was going in the delivery area. He didn’t get a chance to help me push as his daughter was born ever so quick!

Arwen was placed on my chest, Marco lovingly cut the cord like a natural and I came to the reality that our family was complete. I kissed her head as she snuggled against me, Marco and I looked into each other’s eyes as they spoke ‘We did it’.

‘I’ve changed my mind marco, if our next baby is as perfect as this little girl then I’d happily give it another go’

 Marco chuckled with pure admiration, kissed me again and awaited for his own father -daughter moment.

I fell in love with Marco all over again, and now I had gained another part of him in human form. I am, by far, the luckiest woman in the world for I have the most gorgeous man and the most beautiful daughter in the world.

I love you Marco Sousa,
Never leave me
Always love me


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