Pristine Postpartum

Oh my! Baby Sousa is a week old already and I’m feeling absolutely great.

I must admit, I was worried to come home from the hospital due to understandable fears about caring for a newborn.
Many ladies I have watched on YouTube did frighten me when explaining their first week with their babies; no sleep, rising concerns, failing anatomy.

My advice to every expecting mother is, by all means, read and take in other ladies experiences, listen and support one another but remember that every parent has a unique and different time with their babies.

I have no complaints. Apart from the odd sore nipple I have never felt more confident; both in myself and caring for Arwen.
These last 7 days have flown by and magically Arwen has already given me an easy routine to stick to –

1. Nappy Change
2. Feeding time
3. Sleep
4. Repeat

I have been blessed with a drama-free (for now) infant, she may give a warning squeal or cry to tell mammy and daddy something is wrong, but I sort it as quickly as I can and she turns peaceful once again.

My advice to new mammas?

Talk to your child.
Babies love to be conversed with, it’s relieving for them to hear your voice as they have done whilst growing inside your uterus. Arwen is soothed during a nappy change or a feed because I talk to her, I chitchat and have a little giggle and she listens.
For me it really works.


What’s happening with mammy?

 Yes, my breasts have ballooned to an astounding size as they were quite large to begin with anyway. Apart from weight in this region, my body went back to its normal size around day 5! The fact I got my body back so fast shocked me, I walked past the mirror the other day and I felt extremely beautiful and magnificent!
Sleep is regular for me too. It’s not often in the night I have to wake to a crying baby so I still feel refreshed in the morning. Fatigue is not a problem for me yet as opposed to the terrible pregnancy tiredness I had.

Baby is well rested, well fed, weight is flawless; I swear I do not exaggerate my words in this post, this week has been a dream and hopefully mine and Marco’s positive parenting will continue to sprout a breezy upbringing in the near future.

Love, cherish, support 

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