Shocking Sponges.

I am desperate for the fashion trend of the 1950s to be brought back today; boys as well as men dressed in suits or something similar, either casual or smart. Shoes shined in alleyways and hair slicked back with gel to produce that shine.
Nowadays, if you were to constantly dress boys in white shirts with braces they would believe it to be ‘lame’ or belittle the old-style traditions.

So what do we have today?

I detest the persistent sightings of Nike trainers and Adidas tracksuits. Let’s all agree they are not even close to being used for any type of sport or exercise (although comfort is promised, this trend is lazy and unappealing to my eye).

What else? Maybe not the case with men, but ladies constantly fret about their eyebrows. Why? Hair is hair, and we all know that a lady’s natural eyebrows are more appealing than thick lines of paint or tin lines of over-plucking.

Look, I’m not going to list every single irritation I have about today’s fads and crazes. However, this fashion rage in particular really bewilders me:


The endless perms which balance on the heads of these young/teenage lads is getting out of hand! It is as if hundreds of boys have been put on call for clean-up on aisle 2!
I adore a bit of ‘Kit Harrington frizz’ from time to time, but not a crinkly lump of matter thrown onto a bit of skull.
I apologise, I have no clue as to why this desired style maddens me; I guess, like a lot of things, it has been cliched to the max and chosen by people it really doesn’t suit.

As previously wished upon, let’s go back to the combed-back, slick hairstyles and slightly more formal attire.


Boys will be boys.






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