Things they didn’t tell me about postpartum

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I have no idea why midwives fail to warn you about the recovery process, all they seem to explain is how much and how long you will keep bleeding for as your body returns to its natural state, as well as painful engorged breasts.

In this first week of recovery, I have endured:

Postpartum Chills

After a warm shower I laid about in my robe waiting for baby to wake. After 10mins my body began uncontrollably shaking! My body was warm yet I, myself, felt dangerously cold; my head began to thump and the manner of shivering made my structure want to shut down.

Your hormones have fluctuated throughout your pregnancy, and the raging is not quite done yet. Hot flashes — profuse, yet brief periods of sweating — are normal in women during the postpartum period and may be followed by chills. These reactions are your body’s way of eliminating the excess fluids you retained during pregnancy. Hormonal changes may take several weeks to up to three months after your baby’s birth before settling into your pre-pregnancy levels.

Aching ribs and diaphragm

A couple of days after delivering Arwen it’s obvious the uterus starts shrinking back down to its normal size, this makes way for all the organs to begin spacing out again instead of being constantly squished. However I didn’t realise the process of your insides returning to normal could be excruciatingly achy, especially when you’re doing something as simple as breathing! Again, this was a shock to the system.

Swollen feet

I didn’t realise your feet and hands could swell after labour and delivery! I was lucky during my pregnancy because my feet and hands didn’t inflate at all, it was only after I delivered Arwen when my feet ballooned monstrously! No soreness, just unpleasant puffy feet; my hands swelled a little but not as bad as my ankles and toes.

Daddy worries

I haven’t been that worried or nervous about Arwen’s well-being since she’s been here like I thought I would be, she’s the most perfect baby. I find myself worrying about my hubby a lot more! Marco just seems so drained now, sometimes I cry because he just looks so poorly. The thing is, Marco likes to stay up all through the night making sure me and baby are ok; I have reassured him time and again that we are absolutely fine and that I need him much more during the day than I do at night. He still continues to stay awake at all hours. I’m worried, I don’t want him to shut down, no matter how many times he persists in saying he’s ok.

So, this first week has been an adventure! Of course I will keep updating you all as the days roll on by.

Thank you for the 300 follows! Slowly but surely gaining more and more confidence in my writing!

Thank you all xo

Mammy Jessica x

11 thoughts on “Things they didn’t tell me about postpartum

  1. Christy B says:

    This is quite the first week and your explanations of how your body is behaving are going to help others who, like you, haven’t been told by their midwives to expect these things! I’m sure the chills were scary at first! I’ll be sharing this post as part of Friday’s blog inspiration roundup 🙂

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  2. Robin | AllTheDaysWithBabyK says:

    My husband and I took quite a few prenatal classes together, and I too feel like there is so much more that can be explained for what to expect after birth. I also found myself worrying a lot more about my husband than about me or our baby. While it’s vital that new moms know the signs of PPD and to not be afraid to seek help, depression among new dads should receive more vocal attention, too.
    ~ And, you are such a gifted writer — thank you for sharing your new adventures. 🙂

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  3. lacengracemama says:

    Worry about Daddy is perfectly normal (at least in my experience) He will calm down and get into a routine as will you and baby. Just remember to include him as much as possible so that he can see and feel the connection with your baby and with you. He needs to be needed as much as you need your baby to need you. The long nights will probably last a lot longer than you want; but even before they end, all three of you will develop a system to make them bearable. Keep your chin up Mama, it will be a ride you will look back on with as many smiles as you have tears now!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Times With Kai says:

    The one thing I remember most about post-partum is the heavy feeling and it’s like someone’s perched on your back. Dang. I’ve also written about what moms can expect the first few weeks and months after giving birth. Good luck on your journey.


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