How British am I if I don’t like drinking tea?

I am from England yet I have witnessed the sunshine
I am from England yet I don’t ever drink tea
I am from England yet I do not say ‘whom’ and ‘good ol’ chap’
I am from England yet I still eat fabulous food


15th 384


Being situated in Britain isn’t all that bad if you count the terribly slow but free healthcare and the existence of an adorable monarchy; we all know you can not look at Her Majesty dressed in those outfit combinations and not be in complete awe.


It is known we do not have the greatest of weather here, but for me it is pretty ideal. My body cannot handle extreme heat or cold so traveling is kind of a no-go for me. The rarity of summer heat suits me and the cold gives a pleasant reason to bundle up.

Where I live is extremely overpriced and many people struggle with keeping up with their finances. I do not live in a large house, yet the monthly bills are extreme!
The idea of moving country has been playing a lot on my mind however I have security and familiarity in England as I have lived here all my life.


Where would I go?
Where in the world is a little easier on the purse strings yet still a joy to be situated in?Where is home?


– Please comment on this post about your thoughts on the best place to potentially move to, to have a chance at surviving or at least give life a little lift from the dirt.

10 thoughts on “How British am I if I don’t like drinking tea?

  1. Holly Legg says:

    Depending where you live and how far you would want to move… the north is very cheap! Anywhere that isn’t a popular English holiday destination, or anywhere that doesn’t have an easy train link to London ! I also am British and don’t drink tea 😂

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  2. Holly Legg says:

    I live in Essex so it’s not that cheap as it’s easy to get to London, but there are a few areas where the prices dramatically drop due to there not being a direct link to London 🙂

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  3. itsamumslife2017 says:

    I was going to say the same you don’t have to move country to achieve a better value for your money although most places are priced accordingly for instance where I love in east Anglia you can get a 2bed house for between £500- £700 a month (dependant on location and square footage where as a good friend of mine lives in a 2bed flat in a tower block in romford and he pays £1500 a month.
    You have to take into account the average wage he has a standard job and takes home 3x more than I would in east Anglia. I hope this makes sence x

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