What happened tonight?

Our relationship is stronger than ever, Marco and I staying up at 2am to make pizzas. I say ‘make’ but I really mean ‘taking the plastic casing off and heating in the oven’.

There’s nothing better than having laughs and deep conversations with your best and dearest friend; especially late at night when everything is calm and (in a lovely way) more vulnerable.
So here we are, Mr and – wishes to be – Mrs Sousa, oven cooking pizzas at 220oc at 2am and trying not to wake everyone up with our mischievous laughter. Eagerly watching our timers, we hope to eat our beverages before our daughter wakes for her midnight boobies.

And you know what? I am so relieved that mine and Marco’s relationship doesn’t seem anywhere near to deteriorating. I was scared that the new baby would make us unbearably tired leading us to arguments and continuous fallouts; I was wrong.

Marco and I are closer than ever, we adore each other and we adore our new addition to the growing family, all we feel is overwhelming love and I am dead certain it will stay that way for a very long time.


Enough of the soppy – my lesson is this:
Love one another. 


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