How to comfort your stirring baby

My two week old daughter Arwen hasn’t had the best time sleeping solo in her bassinet, if she’s not sleeping on my bosom she tends to fuss a lot;

Until now!

 If you are a mother reading this blog who happens to have a difficult baby – whether it’s sleep troubles or genuinely low comfort levels – you need to get these:

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I think BabyLOVA swaddles are the best item I’ve come across whilst purchasing baby products. Arwen loves to be wrapped in the forever soft fabric of these blankets, which don’t become rough even when hot washed.
These muslins are better than the overly priced brands like Mammas and Pappas and Aden and Anais for these 4 important reasons:

⁃ Supper absorbent; especially if your baby has reflux, these miracle blankets soak up a whole load of baby matter, which saves a heck of a lot of laundry duties.

⁃ the material is comforting; these muslins are super soft which not only gives Arwen warmth, but there is no harshness to your babies skin. Arwen is never too hot or too cold when being wrapped up all snug, these fabrics are the ideal amount of thick and thin.

⁃ Pleasantly plentiful; other swaddles I have purchased seem to always result in tiny little squares of cloth which has been a nightmare to try and wrap my daughter in. Not these. BabyLOVA provides the right amount of fabric for what you’re paying for, I am never at a loss which is great.

⁃ they are AFFORDABLE!!; I have been so irritated at the cost of baby products over these last nine months, it seems mothers are paying ridiculous amounts of money for very few items. These Swaddles are in everyone’s financial range and you get so much more than what you pay for.






Arwen looks adorable and comfortable in these soft patterned blankets, she sleeps better and my clothing always stays dry due to the help of the muslins. The perfect gift for mothers as delivery is super quick and the packaging is beautiful.

New and expecting mothers need to buy these; low or high budget, purchasing from BabyLOVA will give huge benefits to caring and comforting your baby.

 Thank god for the BabyLOVA muslin brand! 
Exciting new things to come from BabyLOVA


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