Nine Eleven – The Commemoration

Souls of the departed, we miss you dearly.
Your passing was not only an opportunity of sorrow but also gave the promise of unity and companionship between the living.

We reminisce precisely when and where our individual bodies were at the time of these dreadful events; each memory clutching on to the undying love we have for not one but all of the casualties involved on that dreadful day.
Millions of prays are whispered each day by the fortunate, expressing gratitude to the firemen, policemen, doctors, nurses and all other AID given to the site of the attacks.

All of us left standing here on earth will never forget as we continue to commemorate this day which shook the nations.

Nine Eleven can be forgiven, but never forgotten.
Let this tragedy help us to love, to protect, to cherish, to forgive, to rebuild and most important of all, help each other to unite.

From all of us down here, waiting to join you stars in the sky; we miss you, we love you and we cannot wait to be reunited with you again.

September 9th
Never forgotten

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