Let’s tiptoe around the baby

I’m stuck in the bed! 2week old Arwen is currently sleeping on my chest, obviously the comfiest place to be considering my massive ballooning breasts.

I can’t really be angry at Marco for sleeping next to me as he didn’t sleep at all the previous night and worked all day today, I feel guilty waking him up.

For too many hours I have been binge watching all series of Sherlock as I nurse my beautiful daughter.
Bladder is full and near to bursting, still need to construct dinner for Marco and I – thank god I had those fish fingers and beans for lunch as I’m just about surviving on a nearly shriveled stomach.

Having been partially lying in the same position for hours now, the sweat of my back and thighs have created puddles under me.
I don’t dare to move, Arwen is peaceful and I don’t want to disturb her, she looks so beautiful.

To conclude; I am glued to the bed, desperate for a poo, hungry as hell, yearning for a soak in the bath.

It’s painful but hilarious, the things we mothers go through to prevent waking our beautiful sleeping babies.


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