How to share your blog

I decided to not only keep sharing my posts publicly on Facebook, I have also made a Mommy Mishaps page!

If everyone could go support and follow my page, that would be great!

I’m trying to build a bloggers community for laughs, advice, fears – so please share this link around and join in with my writing!

It is a shame, my social media only stretches as far as Facebook. I do get depressed when I think about how little people I’m attracting with these blogs, I want my pages to reach far and wide and it’s just not happening yet

This makes me sad.

I am entertaining the possibility of joining Instagram? Comment if you think this is a good idea?
Maybe I can attract more audience types and volumes with more media outlets?

Help me, share your thoughts

Keep following, sharing, supporting

6 thoughts on “How to share your blog

  1. Deb / Being Aunt Debbie says:

    I have an Instagram account but rarely use it. I guess it’s a great way to share quickly. I deleted my Twitter account because I just “don’t get it”….. Facebook seems to be more interactive. You just have to weed out the trolls. Lol.

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  2. Honest K says:

    There are many ways to get your blog out there. Not that I’m an expert, very far from it. But from what I understand it’s tough work and alot of time and it’s different for everyone. Pinterest is regarded as the best way to boost your blog. Joining Facebook groups will also help. Plus there is a huge source of support and guidance in them 😊 plenty of hints and people who will help, check out Facebook blogging groups as a way to start 😀

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      • Honest K says:

        I didn’t either! I get my knickers in a twist trying to figure out how to use wordpress that I turned to groups and before you know it I’m asking to join Pinterest groups and blogging groups 😂 Pinterest still stresses me out, but I think if you put the work in it does pay out, defo worth looking into 👌

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