What I did to survive college

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Am I right in saying most teens today hate college?
Not the friend bits and not the parties, but the real effort of getting up every morning and the studying – aka; psychologically copy and pasting endless spurts of information.

I definitely hated it even though my course didn’t involve sitting, listening and inhaling knowledge. Performing arts is purely physical and my genuine passion in life so that’s what I was doing. Yet I still despised the idea of attending education, it seemed endless. 15050149_1324016620974064_569770690_n

You can’t blame teenagers for being ‘moody’, and you certainly shouldn’t define it as ‘hormones’ – because it isn’t! Of course we are going to feel shit if we have to endure constant early mornings and data cramming for 14 years straight. Well I couldn’t cope with it anyway.

So here is my tip for surviving college;


My life immediately became better! I successfully acquired a job and earned what I needed. I was rewarded with the love of my life and that kick started a new, fun and exciting life. I started again and did what made me happy, and in return achieved the utmost comfort with my own life.  IMG_6918

Yes, it’s the law to attend education until the age of 18. But it is somewhat overlooked if you make an effort to do something else.

I had to quit college, I didn’t want to be stuck in a place where I was constantly sad, persistently uncomfortable. I cut everyone off, avoided all the people I was associated with and hit the reset button.

Be happy; this hasty and drastic change in my life gave me new friends, new challenges and – most importantly – a new love and thirst for life.

Do what makes you the best person you can be.

Ps. Your old life will come back to you, and I have experienced it comes back looking better than it was before.

13090241_1139576012751460_1981704047_n (2)

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