The Miracle Body

Instagram; jessica_sierpowska

3 weeks before birth compared to 3 weeks after birth.

Regrettably, my pregnancy diet was awful as I ate all the crap I wanted; fast food, sugary sweets, fatty substances, here and there having boxes of blueberries and the odd grape.
However I was blessed to be provided with outstanding evening meals by my Father who happens to be a brilliant cook; his homemade curry is by far the best.

My eating habits aren’t too great after birth either; apart from my Father’s dishes, I find myself having no time to eat as I am catching up on sleep or being attached to baby. I know this is not ideal at all, yet I find myself eating mostly bread-based snacks like sandwiches, toast, plain slices. I need to stop returning to the easily accessible crisp packets and cans of coke.

I was surprised my body went back to its normal state almost instantly. Marco commented on day 2 of Arwens life that my stomach seemed to have completely disappeared, just the same as others thought.

Surely I cant look this good so quickly? Especially when I am not even eating properly?

Thank you to my Miracle Body

Instagram; jessica_sierpowska

6 thoughts on “The Miracle Body

  1. 1heartle says:

    You are blessed to have a Dad that cooks! After our daughter was born I realized that God created grandparents for a reason. They make an amazing support system.

    Unfortunately, my parents were 3,000 miles away and my wife’s family was in Brazil. One of her sisters flew in for a month at the beginning. Such a big help.

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