Pregnant Again??

Instagram; jessica_sierpowska

Arwen had just finished her late afternoon feed and had fallen peacefully to sleep.
It was then and there that I decided to sprint down to the local Sainsburies to grab some sort of tasty but quick meal for Marco and I tonight.

I didn’t realise giving birth and caring for your own pride and joy gave you ultimate awareness for other people’s offspring?
As soon as I stepped into civilisation my eyes were drowning in babies and children and pregnant ladies!

New life sprouting EVERYWHERE!

It was as if the Stork was reaching for its Christmas bonus.

The insanity part of my brain was whispering that this was a sign, urging me to consider the conceiving of a second child.
I looked up to the sky and said to the absent God ‘no more’.

I love my daughter, but like any baby she is hard work. And the idea of a single child works well with my brain for the time being.

No more babies.

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