Warning: Sleeping on Sunday will cause Monday

Instagram; jessica_sierpowska

Regrettably, I scoffed the whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s icecream yesterday, so for my Sunday night treat I’ll have to bare with chilli sensation crisps.

Who doesn’t love Sundays?

It’s one of those days that brings the feeling of coziness and laziness; probably because you were pissed the night before.
So staying in bed is a ‘must-do’ and if you have a shitty job which restarts every Monday then being glued to your duvet is the Sunday law.

Marco is painting the kitchen, I never understood why white is the go-to colour for painting everything; yet no other colour really fits.
Arwen continues to be peaceful and I am entertaining the idea of sticking on some ‘Would I Lie to You?’ on the youtubes.

A chilled out Sunday for the Sousa family, minus the dreamfood which I was too impatient to eat – boo hoo

 What are you doing today?

Instagram; jessica_sierpowska

4 thoughts on “Warning: Sleeping on Sunday will cause Monday

  1. Miss A says:

    Sundays are the first day of the week in the Middle East. Our weekends are Friday and Saturday. Took me a long time to get used to it…and I still missing that cozy Sunday feeling that I grew up with.

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