From a Mother to her Daughter

Good morning my darling,

I wake, only thinking of you, my heart consumed with devotion.

What was once a similar seed has sprouted into the person that is you, and as you continue to sleep I observe every little feature you possess.
Constantly forming, are you my way or daddy’s way? Or maybe exactly in between?

Come closer to me my love, snuggle up to my breast. I want to cherish you before time takes these moments away.
I adore you completely from your head to your toes, I chuckle at the little noises you make, I smile at your adorable stretches and wriggles and my heart aches just to see any beautiful expression on your petite face.

As your soft tiny hand perfectly clings to my one ageing finger, I watch you dream, begging for you to wake so those clear pearl-like eyes can stare curiously back at me.
I pray that you grow to love me unconditionally, as I have with you even before I met you.

These burst of thoughts are just a small few of the millions that fail to transform into words.
You’re my baby forever,

Your Mother

SAM_0742 (2).JPG

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