Preventing poorly baby skin; The right way

It is a law of parenthood that all mothers and fathers should protect their children, to shield them from discomfort and pain; especially when it comes to the vulnerability of a baby’s skin.
Naturally, as our bodies develop, our pain threshold increases and the issues we experience surrounding our health and well-being become slightly more tolerable.
The uncomfortable sensations we feel as adults are intensified in children – Knowing this, I am committed in my attempts to protect my baby’s body, especially the skin.

Here is how I keep Arwen’s skin protected, clear and healthy;

Tip one; Before every interaction with baby it is vital you wash or sanitize your hands – be sensible, prevent the spread of germs and dirt.

Skin Care – First Stage:
I have become a Tommee Tippee worshiper. I trust this brand of thermometer when setting the temperature for my baby’s bath.
I use the Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash when bathing Arwen; beautifully smooth and easy to apply. Not only does it leave a divine smell but also acts as a nourishing moisturizer, it just saves time applying lotion to her skin after the bath. The Aveeno scent may fade but Arwen’s skin constantly stays soft.

Tip two; Sudocrem is an antiseptic NOT a prophylactic. Sudocrem should only be applied to broken or open skin lightly, you must not smear it over baby’s skin after nappy changes; Sudocrem does not prevent skin irritations and diseases. 

Skin Care – Second Stage

During every diaper change I use Johnson’s Extra Sensitive wipes; these are packed full of moisture which provides I great cleansing cloth, almost just as good as giving baby a bath. My Arwen always stays fresh with these wipes and they are easily at hand.

Before immediately sliding a fresh nappy on your baby, let them lounge around on a soft towel, give him or her a chance to wiggle and really empty their bowels, the fresh air also gets to bottom and allows the moisture of the wipes to disappear.
This trick helps to reduce your baby’s risk of rashes and itchy, damp skin.

If you do want to safeguard your little one’s bottom (totally me- I constantly worry about Arwen developing any sort of diseased skin) then you must purchase and use (sparingly) Johnson’s Baby 3 in 1 Nappy Care Cream; specially designed to help protect and care for a baby’s skin, this creates a barrier between the skin and constant dampness.

That’s all folks!

Two simple stages with important tips and tricks; My daughter Arwen continues to have beautiful blossoming skin, she’s lovely and smooth at the same time as smelling gorgeous! Take a look, a protected baby is a happy baby:

SAM_0877 (2).JPG

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