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‘Gentle shaving oil’

Intoxicating, it was. Standing there in the harsh spray of the head, wondering but not bothering about how to change the setting.
I experienced a little ‘wake up’ now and again as the water thundered down upon my not-so-fashionable cap. Why bother washing my hair again if it was still acceptable from the previous night?

Typical, the purpose was to cure my banging head but all it did was make me reminisce and stroll to other random thoughts one only thinks about in that little wash box.
You must know by now that these words are written with a sense of sorrow; therefore this wasn’t a typical half hour performance of the vocals.
It was, boldly speaking, a sad moment of solitude in the very beginning of the morning.

So I stood there effortlessly lathering my body with imperial leather, not at all breathing well in the heat and steam of the shower. My eyes were fixed upon the sentences displayed on the different bottles left thrown on that annoying, ‘in-the-way’ shelf, which took up most of the space.

I felt worse when I left, suffering from a wicked cold I had hoped would heal slightly from this pointless act.
Instead I was forced to feel awake, alert, hungry and painful – to name a few!

But I must continue preaching the normality of being ‘under the weather’.

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