Hello October x

Happy October Everyone – already!! 22215163_1763855846990137_1448738961_n

I opened my windows to let in the smells of the season. There is such a thing, isn’t there?The approaching hallows eve has a familiar aroma to it, call me crazy but it does; a kind of smokey/misty smell to the air?

Unfortunately the new month brings a new problem. Arwen and I have been suffering from the dreaded ‘common cold’ that we caught off my niece.

Other than that the beginning of Autumn has been wonderful. I always fall back in love with the world again when my feet wander across the leaf-filled pavements.
It’s the one time of the year where England feels less…shitty.
I guess it’s due to the continuous holiday events.

Marco has been obsessed with streaming horror films lately; I don’t enjoy them as I am somewhat superstitious, I sleep with one eye open.
So I guess Marco is ahead with the Halloween vibes already.

There are enough movies in the horror genre to binge watch leading up to the 31st, so get going!!

What plans have you got for the following month?

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