Being Mom

More doctors appointments means less coffee dates.

To say that I am ‘loving’ being a mom is an understatement.
Sure, it has its tough moments – aka locking myself in a cupboard and never wanting to come out – but doesn’t everything in life?


It’s an emotional rollercoaster for any parent and I’m loving the learning curve that comes with it.

Do any other moms experience this: Every time my little Arwen sleeps, I observe her beautiful little face as I wish for her to be awake, but when she is awake I want her to be asleep!

I feel free! I don’t have to make schedules due to the fact that babies are unpredictable and I don’t have to be stressed about being late or early to things.
At this current time my life revolves all around my gift of a daughter and I am more than over-the-moon with that.

I have advice for Mammas-to-be; don’t be scared or nervous! As you grow with your baby you will develop instant communication and figuring out what your baby is feeling becomes so clear and easy to understand.

One little apology; my blogs are all over the place, my writing is inconsistent and I apologise for that – mom brain.

Both my babies are sleeping safe and sound.
I count my blessings as I keep wishing for more good fortunes.
I am in complete bliss.

Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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