It all stopped at 38 weeks.

I am blessed to have such a perfect healthy daughter, and I hurts my heart to know other mothers aren’t so lucky.

Let us love and support all mothers, fathers and their wonderful children; big and small.

I cannot describe the shock I felt when my midwife advised me to have regular growth scans.
From 28 to 32 weeks my bump measured 30cm and no more; like any other concerned parent it was a struggle to stay positive and not think of the worse possible things. sam_0613.jpg
I was induced at 38 weeks of my pregnancy after positive follow up scans and getting the ‘all clear’.

New mothers please learn from my experiences; doctors know what they are doing, and even though sometimes we aren’t given a direct answer we can still trust our midwives and medical carers to look after us.

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of positives and negatives, when the road gets dark we must NOT give up.
What seems like a terrifying step in the way of parenthood is usually the most sensible and the most necessary route to protect us and are growing families.

And hey, in a community as big as ours, there are millions of mothers with similar worries and experiences always willing and wanted to give their advice – you are not alone.

I am sending my love and blessings to any parents going through a struggling time, I can only support and offer advice whenever and wherever it is needed.

You are not alone.

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5 thoughts on “It all stopped at 38 weeks.

  1. elitsastanevabritton says:

    Totally understand!

    Doctors were saying that Val wasn’t growing, suggesting a c-section close to my due date. Not sure about my belly but I put only 8kg on, so five days after birth I had no visible signs of pregnancy at all.

    Anyway, she arrived 10 days earlier, by herself, in less than 6 hours.

    True, she was small – only 2 kilos and 270 grams, 47 cm, but perfectly healthy, and with her beautifully shaped head and thick hair – just like a doll.

    A gift from above, especially after we lost our newborn nephew the week I did my pregnancy test…

    But the point is that doctors and people should really take care and most of all, respect parents and their children more.

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  2. Miss A says:

    A positive pregnancy test should come with a text “Congratulations! Please also note that you will from now on always worry and always feel bad for something” 😉

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