The birth of my daughter strengthened my atheism.

I have no prejudice against any religion
I have no discrimination against any religion
I do not judge those who worship a higher power.

However; the ideas of a higher power, a creator, an all knowing presence doesn’t not play well in the playground of my imagination and the birth of my daughter Arwen strengthened these beliefs of the non-existence of God.

Someone who is supposedly all knowing, all loving, all powerful would not let us rot here on earth, and if they did then they cannot be preached as omnibenevolent and omnipresent etc.

Arwen has only just arrived, it makes me sick to think the vulnerability of a baby’s growing body is manipulated and taken advantage of with pain and suffering.
A person only just born and yet are thrown these ‘tests’ and ‘lessons’ by a creature who clearly hasn’t learnt his own.

We are dying here on earth.
We endure war, we panic to the extreme and we live in terror from day to day.

If an existing God created this ball of fury, he made it to see destruction and misery and violent death of all who live on it.

There is no man out there, there is no greater good with golden gates and pure white abyss.

If anything, there is a beast. A beast who hunts the week and feeds on our fear. An inhuman kind who enjoys the feeling of ultimate power and possesses no love, no kindness, no good inside of it.

Simply; there are books of contradictions out there which bring people comfort, which gives people a guidance to a particular way of living. It gives the world something to blame when things go wrong.

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5 thoughts on “The birth of my daughter strengthened my atheism.

  1. Alanah Lea says:

    Totally respect and understand your views! I’ve just had my baby boy christened and some days I ask myself how God- who is supposed to be all loving can also be so cruel at times. Too much hurt in this world to be justified. This post gave me a lot to think about xx

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  2. myeklektikmama says:

    I’m on a spiritual journey of my own.
    I feel that God is just a name for something else. How people choose to describe that concept is a whole other thing entirely.
    If you ask me I believe in “God” I will ask you to define God.
    If God is all powerful then he is not all good because he makes bad things happen. And if he is all good then he is not all powerful because bad things happen.
    However, I do see something higher, something unexplained, something I can only feel and not comprehend when I look at swaying trees, or my newborn child’s face, or the unexplained synchronicity that I continue to experience.
    God and Religion are not one and the same.
    You might be interested in Hermetic Philosophy I have been studying it recently and find it to be very on point.

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