Are we getting out of hand?

Are we clowning around with our bodies too much?

I wanted to you ask if today’s enhancements are getting worse or better?

For me; society is getting more and more disappointing each day.
Now, we are constantly developing more mindless money-grabbing products which unfortunately people pay for; I mean nose lashes – really?

I have never liked idea of piercing ones body – I have no piercings myself – and lately these sightings have pushed me to maximum irritation;

  • Stretchers
  • Belly rings
  • Any part of the ear that isn’t the lobe
  • Lip
  • Nose
  • Tongue???

Of course its not just this subject I am targeting, oh yes it gets worse;
Tatooing the whole body? INCLUDING THE EYEBALLS?
Naked eyebrows? Kitkat eyebrows? ‘W’ eyebrows? Pencil-line eyebrows?
‘Man buns’? – which obviously need more raising flower and extra time in the oven!
Impractical manicured nails?

I am no pretty penny myself and of course I am not judging people who want to have a certain look. But, more often than not, there are those who catch my eye. Those who pursue one of these trends in an effort to make a statement or hold more attractions when actually, they just look ghastly. 
We need to start drawing a line – under these horrid fashion statements, not our eyebrows.

If you know me, you’ll understand I mean no offence to anyone as I wish we still had the 50’s style of fashion.

The big question is; When is enough, enough?

Comment your opinions on today’s trends.

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3 thoughts on “Are we getting out of hand?

  1. itsamumslife2017 says:

    I am totally with you on the eye ball tattooing and the nose lashes … but that is where it ends for me. I am not covered in piercings or tattoos but I have a few (3 tattoos to be precises 1 nose piercing 1 rook piercing and micro bladed eye brows … im naturally fair and was not blessed with brows) and I believe in self expressing of any form.
    Cheek stretching is another I draw the line at but that is due to the fact it must effect your eating?
    And to be honest to a certain degree I’m like “if you want to stick eye lashes to your nose and look like a pleb go for it” each to there own!

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  2. Holly Legg says:

    I have piercings, including my belly button and I like them. I have then for me. I used to get my nails done as I felt like I was doing something for myself and made me feel better in myself!

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