We always fear the unknown, I guess that’s why we run from the dark crevices and persist to look over our shoulders at night.

Maybe it’s my overly strong imagination?
I tend to watch the shadowy places which accompany me, I always expect a ghoul to emerge or horror to be waiting there.
Today’s world is blessed with creative artists who are gifted when it comes to the cinema and giving us genuine fright, belief and thrills.

Do I need to see someone? Surely this cannot be a trauma as I have had no bad experiences in the dark.

For some reason I am riddled with fear when it comes to turning the lights off at night or needing to approach black places. There is a haste to turn lights on and close doors which isn’t normal, but why?
I believe I am a very superstitious person.

I am aware the films I watch are fake yet my mind still expects to see frightening things such as these made up terrors.
I am also aware that many people have those niggling thoughts of spirits and dark matter in their heads but my fears seem…extreme?

I don’t know, this just came to me as I am making my way through season 5 of American Horror Story. (Not that good by the way).

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