Does your baby have Colic?

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Hello Mothers and Fathers, I apologise for the break in posting.
Arwen is growing quickly week by week!

Like, comment or share this post if you have a child who suffers or has suffered from colic.

Colic is an attack of crying and what appears to be abdominal pain in early infancy. This is common in newborns, especially if they are not winded properly. 
Colic usually happens when your baby swallows air whilst feeding or happens to gather excess air bubbles in the bowels making pooping and passing gas painful.

For a few weeks Arwen has unfortunately had a bad case of colic and as a concerning parent who doesnt want to ever see they baby upset, I ran round to my brothers house to ask for advice (I am fortunate that my Brother is a nurse and has children of his own).

I shall now pass on this valuable advice for any parents with suffering babies;
To treat Colic I use Infacol.
The medicine is an orange flavour so your child may take a while to get used to it.
I love Infacol as it is the same thickness as milk so its easier for my baby to drink.
Infacol is completely safe for digestion as your baby cannot overdose on it, however much they might intake.

23439478_1809590499083338_1559698556_nMy daughter felt better instantly after taking infacol as it helped to calm and relieve any extra wind she had in her system causing discomfort. Arwen is a much happier child and can settle down quicker and comfortably.

I do not suggest gripe water for colic even though that’s what most people suggest. The reason being simple; it is water. Babies, especially newborns, arent used to the consistency of water and can shock them once it hits the back of their throat, this is a dangerous path which leads to your child chocking!

We are all doing well, more to come!

6 thoughts on “Does your baby have Colic?

  1. Miss A says:

    We used infacol as well and it helped a lot. Heard about gripe water but it’s not available in Dubai so never tried it out. I sure don’t miss the colic days…zzz

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  2. motherofangels3 says:

    Your little one is precious. My first child had colic and I think I cried just as much as he did. I felt so helpless because as his mom I felt so bad that I couldn’t fix it . They have products now that they didn’t have 15 years ago thank goodness. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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